Summer Baseball Camps by Gino Pomilia
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Summer Baseball Camps in Marin get visits from Major League Pitcher
                Tommy Milone!
Tommy Milone of the Oakland As Visits Gino
                 Pomilia Baseball Camps:


Pitcher Tommy Milone, a close friend of my son J.D., who played with Tommy at USC, visited my Marin Summer Baseball Camps in 2012.  Tommy's visit created a lot of excitement for the youngsters, since at the time, he was on his way to setting two records for the Oakland As.  Tommy stuck around to sign autographs, have lunch, speak to reporters, and even take some Batting Practice (Tommy was quite a Hitter before he concentrated solely on Pitching). Having a Major League Player visit my Summer Baseball Camps is something that many of my young campers look forward to, and something that I hope to continue each year.

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