Summer Baseball Camps by Gino Pomilia
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“Gino Pomilia is the man who inspired me over the summer.  Gino Pomilia helped me to be better at batting.  He’s kind and respectful.  I was in his lesson and if I made a mistake, Gino Pomilia would help me do it right.  Gino Pomilia dedicates his life to teach kids of all ages.

Gino Pomilia helped me to do a better batting swing like squishing the bug, keeping your head down when you swing, and to not let go of the bat when you are done with your swing.  Every day at camp there would be a quote of the day.  The quotes would help me learn more about baseball.  Every time he asked us what the quote was.  If I got it right Gino would encourage me and give me compliments.  If I put my hand up and I forgot or didn’t know he would say nice try.  If other kids got it right or wrong he would do the same thing.  He would never embarrass anyone.

He changed my life.  He helped me to be a better sport.  He helped me be a better baseball player.  I learned a lot about baseball.  When I grow up I want to be a baseball player.”

Jay McConnell
Age 8
(a paper written by Jay regarding his experience at the camps)

“Coach Pomilia does a fantastic job of teaching baseball and character to kids of all ages. My son began attending “ Gino Pomilia Baseball Camps” at age six. He has learned and reinforced his skills in all facets of the game, and is motivated each year to reach new levels of excellence.  Coach Pomilia and his staff continually provide the very best combination of baseball knowledge, skill sets, patience, and intensity on how the sport should be played, and it is FUN!”

James L. Shirk, Captain
Central Marin Police Authority

“I'm so impressed with Gino's dedication and commitment to the fundamentals of baseball. He is one of those guys kids talk about years later when they realize how much their special coaches in their live's contributed to their success.  My son Frankie can’t wait for the next camp to begin.”

Vito Quinci

"Our experience with Gino Pomilia baseball camp has been outstanding!  My son has always had such a great time at Gino's summer camp.  It's been such a blessing for our entire family because Gino and his team create a personalized experience for each camper.  His unique coaching style gave Adam the opportunity to increase his performance and skill level. 

 As a parent I know that when my son's athletic performance increases, then he feels good about himself and plays better.  Kid's are taught specifics on how to play like a pro, in a fun filled environment.  It's a win win situation for parents and kids at Gino's camp.  I whole heartedly recommend it!"

Tracy Vogel 

Hi Coach:

Ben can't wait for the camps to begin and school to finish....Ben's playing well, learning a lot, and giving his all, thanks to you!  Thank you for teaching him the game of baseball.  It's because of you he has developed a love for the greatest game on Earth.  With this foundation, I know he can accomplish his dreams.

Randie Revilla

Hi Gino,

Happy 4th!

I wanted to thank you again for providing my son Louka with such a positive and enjoyable experience last week.  

It was more than baseball and hitting - you are the first sports coach he's ever had that was able to able impart on him life's valuable lessons of a strong work ethic, discipline and passion to be successful in what ever you do. 

Louka enjoyed the camp so much we did not have to force him out of bed in the mornings! :-

Sacha W. Drazien

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