Baserunning Skills are virtually a lost art. The “Skills” necessary to be a good baserunner many times separate those players who continue to play baseball from those who do not.

Demonstrate the lead


Many teach that “Getting on Base” is what is important. In my Summer Baseball Camps, I teach “Staying on Base” is what is important, while also knowing how to get from one base to the next base and eventually score.

Demonstarte the "Extra Step"


Getting a Lead is another "Lost Skill"in many programs, because sometimes many coaches forget that it’s not how many hits you get that wins games, but rather how many runs you score.

The Proper "Stealing Steps"


That "First Step" when Stealing is very important.  While many other Summer Baseball Camps will focus on Hitting, while ignoring “Scoring”. This is because few REALLY know how to teach the Skills of Good Baserunning.

How to "Dive Back to the base"


In my Marin Summer Baseball Camps, I stress ALL aspects of Running the Bases,  including getting a lead and how to "Get Back".  We also instruct the proper way of getting out of the Batter’s Box and running to First Base.

Proper Fundamentals of Running


Learning How to Steal, and how to Successfully “Run the Bases”, is taught and demonstrated, which also includes the Proper Way to Run.