Proper grip


Throwing is probably the “Essential Skill” for everyone who plays Baseball. Without being able to throw well and accurately, the game will quickly pass you by. More games are LOST because of “Bad Throws” than are won because of “Good Hitting”.

Bands to Warm Up


Each and every day the skills and Fundamentals of “Throwing” are reinforced with Proper Warm Up Exercises.

Stretching Exercises


Your most Important "Piece of Equipment" is your Body, so we take extra care in taking care of our Arms.

"Perfect" Warm-Up Drills


In each phase of my Summer Baseball Camps, I stress the importance of being able to “Play Catch”.  Making good throws is critical to being able to experience success as a baseball player.

Proper Arm Mechanics


“Getting Outs” is what wins games, and being able to THROW is what gets the Outs.

Individual Instruction


Again, as with all other skills taught in my Summer Camps, Individual Instruction and various Drills are used to create enjoyment that build the necessary Fundamentals to be successful.