The Art of Hitting

The Art of Hitting


Today many young players are simply 

overwhelmed and confused about How to Hit.  In my Summer Baseball Camps, I take the young players through a series of hitting stations that reinforce the simple and basic fundamentals of “How to Hit a Baseball”. 

Bat Position


In my Baseball Summer Camps I stress the importance of "Bat Position" and why it is critical to properly Hitting a Baseball.  In many of my stations, I use of the Easton "Thunderstick", which I invented and patented.

Proper hand Position


How you position your hands and knuckles, before the baseball is thrown, is very important to properly Hitting a Baseball.  This too is stressed in my Baseball Summer Camps.

Srtide & Pivot


Before you actually swing the bat, the Stride & Pivot are critical to properly Hitting a Baseball.  Once again, in my Summer Baseball Camps, this aspect is reinforced daily through various stations.



In my Summer Baseball Camps, I probably stress this aspect of Hitting more than any other.  Through various Drills & Stations, I reinforce how "Vision" is Key to Hitting a Baseball.

The Follow Through


The final step in successfully Hitting a Baseball, is how the swing is Finished, the "Follow Through".  Like all aspects of Hitting, this too is reinforced in my Summer Baseball Camps though fun and enjoyable Stations.